Our Mission:

KIHBC An Organization focused on creating an environment where businesses, professionals and the community come together to support, educate, develop and promote business throughout Kentuckiana and beyond.
KIHBC members represent 16 different countries and ethnicities throughout Latin America and Caribbean.


Our Objectives

  • Develop programs and events that will bring together members of the Hispanic/Latino business community in forums that will allow them to network and share best practices (Making Connections/Programming).
  • Increase the level of awareness of the Hispanic/Latino business community in the Greater Louisville region by broadening the scope of interaction with other non-Hispanic/Latino individuals and organizations (Raising Awareness/Marketing and PR).
  • Help Hispanic/Latino businesses grow and prosper by providing connections to necessary resources and advocating for the development of additional assistance (Economic Development).
  • Supply educational and training opportunities to Hispanic/Latino businesses and individuals to assist with current or future business and personal growth (Training and Education).
  • Grow KIHBC membership to allow as many individuals and businesses as access to needed business benefits for their success.

 Our Business Model


KIHBC’s business models provides support in three key areas for business.